Sea Harbour Restaurant

Sea Harbour History

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant was established in 1999 by a team of professional chefs and managerial experts from Zhongshan in Guangdong Province – a city renowned for its profound food traditions and culture. Shortly after the opening of its original restaurant at 3711 No.3 Road in Richmond, Sea Harbour has quickly became one of the most popular restaurants for fine Chinese dining in Vancouver, thanks to its many mouth-watering dishes like Sea Harbour hand-ripped boneless chicken and deep-fried tender squab.

In 2001, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant was privileged to welcome the world renowned "Abalone King", Executive Chef Koon Yat Yeung, to host a Grand Abalone Banquet – a legendary feast still remembered by food lovers!

Under modern professional management, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant is committed to maintaining traditional cooking techniques, choosing only the best and freshest ingredients, and offering excellent customer service. The restaurant is always a popular choice for diners and its business keeps on growing. In late 2011, Sea Harbour decided to expand further and move to its current site across from the River Rock Casino in Richmond.

After more than 10 months of renovation and preparation, the new Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant at 150-8888 River Road opened on July 1, 2012. Across from the River Rock Casino in Richmond, this new restaurant features a splendid dining hall for over 23 tables, three deluxe private rooms, and over 100 dedicated parking spaces at a parkade right next door.

Ah Yat Menu

Chinese Cuisine Culture

Thanks to its great team of modern management professionals, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant always maintains strict control over its food quality. The restaurant is committed to picking only the best ingredients for its customers. Blending traditional Cantonese cooking techniques with the modern culinary concepts of using less oil, sugar and salt, Sea Harbour has successfully expressed the original freshness of food ingredients, winning praise from thousands of food lovers. This is a place where diners can taste the real essence of Cantonese cuisine.

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant is always popular among Chinese and non-Chinese food lovers. In 2013, Sea Harbour was honoured to win the title of Greater Vancouver's Most Awarded Chinese Restaurant for their Critics' Choice Signature Dish Awards from 2009-2013. Vancouver Magazine's Annual Restaurant Awards has repeatedly named Sea Harbour as the finalists of best Chinese restaurant, as well as the best dim sum restaurant in Vancouver.